My "A Self Publishing Success Story" Talk from HOPE X

In this video from my hour long talk at the 2014 Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) X conference, I discuss how I came to self publish my book, Show Networks and Control Systems. I lay out the production techniques, marketing strategies and distribution methods I used, and explain where and how I made money using Amazon's Createspace and Kindle.

I have my wrapup of the whole conference here, and my last two talks from the last two HOPE conferences are up here ("The Weather is Not Boring) and here (Hacking for an Audience).

This video was extracted from the live stream generously sponsored by the Internet Society.  

My Self Publishing Talk at HOPE X

I'm honored to once again have a talk approved for the upcoming HOPE X hacker conference here in NYC.  I've been going to HOPE conferences since 2000 or so, and spoken at the last two HOPE conferences (you can listen to my talks and watch the slides here and here), and this year I'm talking about self publishing my book, Show Networks and Control Systems.  Here's the description from the HOPE X site:


Just days before HOPE Number Nine, John Huntington released a self-published version of his book, Show Networks and Control Systems. Several months before, his publisher had decided that they were not interested in an update after three successful editions, so Huntington got his publishing rights back and did a whole new edition himself using Amazon’s Createspace for printed copies and Kindle for e-books. And it’s been a success – Huntington has made far more money self publishing this one edition than the royalties on all three of the previous editions with the publisher combined. More importantly, he has had a far higher level of engagement with his readers, and has been able to do things he never could have done with the publisher, like putting free lecture videos for each chapter on his website, or giving copies away (which he will do at the end of this talk). Huntington will share sales figures, compare the economics and issues related to both printed and e-book editions, and lay out the challenges, pitfalls, and successes of this process.

I hope to see you there!

On 2600's Off the Hook Last Night


I've been a subscriber to 2600 magazine, "The Hacker Quarterly" since the mid-1980's, and I've spoken at the last two of 2600's HOPE conferences (you can hear my talks and see the slides here and here). Since the 1990's the 2600 team has put on a live show on WBAI radio here in NYC called Off the Hook.  It was an honor last night to be a guest on their show, where I talked about my book, City Tech, and the Gravesend Inn. You can download an MP3 of the show here.

My "The Weather is Not Boring" Talk from HOPE Number Nine Now Online

HOPE Number Nine, the biennial hacker conference here in NYC took place two weeks ago. This was my fifth HOPE, and my second talk, titled "The Weather is Not Boring, Forecasting, Following, and Photographing Storms."  I took the audio provided by the conference and synced it up with the slides (along with some bonus video!) and made this hour-long video.  Watch full-screen HD for best resolution.

Here's some of the key links I discussed in the talk:

Here's the hilarious video I talked about at the beginning of the talk but didn't have time to run: