High Winds Cause Deadly Stage Structure Collapse in Brazil



After a string of weather-related stage structure collapse tragedies in the US (which documented and commented on in a series of blog posts which you can read here), and a great reaction by the Event Safety Alliance and others, I really hoped I had written my last posts about weather-related stage structure collapses.  But via Pollstar this morning comes news of a deadly collapse at the tragically named Atmosphere Festival in Brazil (statement on their FB page here), videos here:

A DJ suffered fatal head injuries after a stage collapsed during an electronic music festival in Brazil. Three others people were injured when the metal structure over the stage crashed down during a storm at the packed Atmosphere Festival in Esteio. Revellers filming the party scene captured the terrifying moment it crumpled to the ground in high winds.

I don't know how to get to Brazilian radar archives, but as a storm chaser, I can tell just looking at the sky that a strong storm is in the area, and in the video you can see how strong the winds are. Clearly either the stage structure was improperly constructed or the winds were too strong for its design rating.  And, while I don't know the Brazilian weather service works, but according to this article, there was a weather alert in place, saying (via google translate) "for Sunday (17), a change in the weather is expected, with possibility of thunderstorm with gusts of wind and hail"  But, in any case, there is absolutely no excuse for a tragedy like this in this day and age, when all the risks and hazards have been made obvious through previous tragedies.

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