"Classic" Live Mic List Survey--Need Your Help!

I believe that microphones are something everyone should experiment with to get the best sound for the application, but my students and others new to the business lack experience and are often looking for good starting points for professional technique.

So, for fun, I'm looking to develop two crowd-sourced "classic" mic lists, using two definitions of classic:
1. of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: "a classic piece of work."
2. serving as a standard, model, or guide: "the classic method of teaching arithmetic."

List 1 will be what your mic choice would be for a particular application if money were no object; list 2 will be what you use (or see used) most commonly.

I will publish the results here in conjunction with the upcoming 2014 USITT convention. All data from the survey (except for optionally given email addresses and names) will be available to anyone interested for download.  And, I will randomly select one survey responder and give them a copy of my book, Show Networks and Control Systems

If you use microphones for live shows, please take a few minutes to fill out my survey here.  

The survey will close at noon NYC time on Saturday, March 22, 2014.


Been Busy--Just a Reminder About Photos


I've been crazy with work and while I have some things to write up here, I just haven't had time.  I have been still doing stuff and shooting photos, but as I wrote, I now post those things over on my Facebook photography page, where I post at least one photo every day (like the amazing Severed show I shot last night, which are the photos in this entry).  Also, please be sure to check out my new photo portfolio site.  And, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed to see whatever I post next here. Thanks for reading!


Control Geek Blog 6 Years Old!

Hard to believe, but this blog has now been going 6 years today! You can view my first entries (with lots of broken links and missing graphics) here. I started the blog before Facebook become really popular, so I used to post a lot of funny videos and so on. These days I post about once a week or so, and generally only when I have something original to share, or something else happens that I want to put into context. I had moved a lot of photography onto the page a couple of years ago, but earlier this year I moved all my day to day photography onto my Facebook Photography Page. You can also see my photo highlights galleries on the links at the top of this page (check back soon because I'm redoing that in the next few days).


What's amazing to me is that Google analytics says I've had more than 27,000 unique visits just in the last year! That's what keeps me going, since I rarely get any feedback; if you like this or have constructive suggestions, please drop me a line using the contact form. Thanks to everyone for reading! 

Introduction to Computer Networking Session at USITT

USITT_LSA  25 v 3 75 x 4 75 USITT.png

I don't go to USITT every year, but I'm going this year and will be presenting a session on basic computer networking on March 26 2014, from 2:30PM - 4:00PM.  Here's the session description:

John Huntington, author of Show Networks and Control Systems, introduces networks and their applications for shows.  Key protocols such TCP/UDP/IP will be introduced, and some basic network topology issues will be covered. Key aspects of network operation will be demonstrated.

I hope to see you there!

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