Infocomm Las Vegas 2016 Geekout Call For Case Studies!

Infocomm 2016 in Vegas is on the horizon, so Jim Janninck and I are now soliciting proposals for our annual show control case studies geekout!  Here's a wrapup of last year's session (photo above).

The free and open to all event will be on the evening of Thursday June 9, 2016 during Infocomm in Las Vegas (location to be determined, if you have any suggestions let me know). 

We are looking for 20 minute (max) presentations on a real show control project, meaning two or more entertainment disciplines connected together (lighting and sound, sound and video, pyro and a performer, etc). 

Submissions must be submitted by 9am NYC time April 23, 2016 [previously Sunday April 17 2016] on the link below. Jim and I will evaluate and select the projects , and in the case that we have more good presentations than we can fit, the earliest valid submission will get priority, so get those proposals in soon!

Submission link:

See you in Vegas!

How Long Does it Take to Edit 1600 Photos? Find Out in This Time Lapse

I went to and shot the amazing and epic Loser's Lounge Tribute to David Bowie at Joe's Pub last night, and ended up with about 1600 photos (20 + acts, lots of action, so this is typical).  I made a time lapse of the editing and posting process.  I start with FastRaw viewer, then move into Lightroom.  I export from there and upload selected shots to Facebook, and highlights to Instagram.  I then upload all the shots to Google Photos and back everything up.  Takes about three hours.  Popsicle the kitteh makes a few appearances too.

Eight Year Blog Birthday Data Update

It's hard to believe this blog is eight years old today!  I started sort of by accident in 2008--before Facebook got so popular. These days I use the blog mostly for my original purpose--promoting my self published book Show Networks and Control Systems, and writing about entertainment technology (and sometimes severe weather or other things that I want to be public). I've move most photography onto my Instagram feed and on my photo portfolio site.

And as always I'm amazed by the visitor count; according to Google Analytics I  got over 27,500 visitors in the past year!

And once again my most popular post was an old one about a viral LED sheep video, followed closely by a series of entries I wrote about AVB and Dante.  More on that subject to come when I get time...