Really Cool Effect at the Center Bar at SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

I've been in this business working on all kinds of weird projects since 1985, so it takes a lot to fool me.  But this effect in the ceiling of the Center Bar at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino had me wondering for a while:

Did you figure it out?  

Hint: It's an illusion that only works from this angle.  

See this page for the solution.  I'll definitely be checking this out on my next Vegas trip!

Idiotarod NYC XI Photos

I went today to the excellent Idiotarod NYC XI, which the organizers describe as, "an annual event that puts a satirical creative spin on the famous and totally unrelated dogsled race in Alaska. Instead of dogs with sleds, Idiotarod NYC features costume-clad teams of people with elaborately themed shopping carts, and instead of the brutal landscape of the frozen tundra, the race takes place on the streets of New York City. It is, however, usually really friggin' cold." I was at the start at Grand Army Plaze, checkpoint #3 (Freddy's Bar), and was the only photographer on hand to capture the dramatic arrival of the first cart at the finish line. There all the carts were subjected to detailed scrutineering (bribes were encouraged and helped the process, of course). Below are some photo highlights; I have more highlights on Facebook here, and many more photos here.  

Click on any photos for a larger version: