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I've entered a photo series of my friends, the great all-female Mötley Crüe cover band Girls Girls Girls, in PDN's "Ultimate Music Moment" photo contest. There's a "Peoples' Choice" category, and I'd appreciate it if you could take a few seconds and vote for me!  Just follow this link, and if you like this photo (shown below) please vote for it (they do require an email).  I have several others in the series here.

Severe Storm Cancelled Rick Springfield Concert in Montana

Rick Springfield was scheduled to play the Fallon County Fair in Montana on August 16, but his gear was damaged by a storm and he was not able to perform.

At least (apparently) no one was hurt:

(Facebook post embedded above, if that doesn't work try this link).

Oh and there were no reports of tornadoes yesterday in Montana on the 16th, but this certainly was a strong storm, and the SPC shows a report of a wedding tent blown down, also in Fallon, MT (blue dot up by Montana/ND/SD border).

There have been so many of these events that I have a whole category of posts here.

Surprise House on Governors Island

Because I was a Kickstarter backer for Surprise IndustriesSurprise House, I got a preview tour last weekend. They asked preview audiences not reveal anything about what's inside, so I'm just giving you this picture of the outside.  But I will say that they did a nice job on it, it's not scary, and It opens to the public August 16 and runs weekends through September 14th; details here.

p.s. If you haven't been to Governors Island, the island alone is worth the trip. I was there in the mid 1980's when it was still an active coast guard base doing storm special FX for the Richard Pryor vehicle Critical Condition (trailer here).