My "A Self Publishing Success Story" Talk from HOPE X

In this video from my hour long talk at the 2014 Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) X conference, I discuss how I came to self publish my book, Show Networks and Control Systems. I lay out the production techniques, marketing strategies and distribution methods I used, and explain where and how I made money using Amazon's Createspace and Kindle.

I have my wrapup of the whole conference here, and my last two talks from the last two HOPE conferences are up here ("The Weather is Not Boring) and here (Hacking for an Audience).

This video was extracted from the live stream generously sponsored by the Internet Society.  

You Never Know Where A Book Will Turn Up

A friend is looking at a new sound console and we were talking about the Yamaha QL series.  I was telling her that these new consoles came with my friend Dan Dugan's very cool automixing built in, and we ended up watching an interesting Yamaha youtube video featuring Dan:

Watching the video, shot in Dan's San Francisco studio (which I visited a couple years ago), I started laughing, and my friend didn't know why.  

Over Dan's shoulder, prominently displayed, is a copy of my book!  Thanks Dan for the unintended product placement!