How Not To Apply for A Job-Kids Today

In September, Dalzell Productions, the fantastic event production company that I often work with on large sound systems (like Tropfest, the Tribeca Film Festival Drive In, and the Fifi Awards), was hired to produce a parade. They needed some people to work on it, and Jared from Dalzell sent me an email asking for some students. What I usually do for things like this is send an email out to students and then filter the responses.  But this time, I gave them complete details in the email, and told them to send a resume and all info to Jared.  Of course, I also suggested that Jared check with me for a recommendation before hiring anyone, and he ended up hiring a bunch of our excellent students (although, sadly the event was canceled by tropical storm Hanna).

But Jared also got some more "interesting" responses that he forwarded onto me and I thought I would share them with you as examples of how not to apply for a job (names and other information redacted to protect the guilty):

From: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2008 00:50:58 -0400

yea hello.. my name is xx-SHACK..and i might be instred in this..... when will diz parad be takeing place?


And here's another great one:

From: <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2008 09:15:00 -0400

hey whats supp, I will like to knore more infor about the job this saturday

Please post comments if you have others...