Lots 'o Shows

In recent weeks I also saw Isaac Hayes and later Salif Keta at Celbrate Brooklyn, a venue that gives the audience a great experience and almost always has very good sound.  My only gripe about the sound for the Isaac Hayes show, in fact, was that one group of audience members decided to bring their own percussion instruments.  And play them.  Out of time.  (Even if in time, the delay across the venue ensured that they would be out of time by the time they reached my ears).  I was amazed that David Schnirman (head of audio for Celebrate Brooklyn) didn't go down and smack them.





I also saw the recent Loser's Lounge show at Joe's Pub.  Joe's is a small venue and has very uneven sound.  If you sit close to the stage, you get a lot of stage sound and monitors, and you are basically under the main PA so the vocals are muddy.  But this time, our group lucked into the sweet spot where we got full coverage.  I don't want to tell you where it is because I want to ask for it next time.  And, I will go see the Loser's anytime, they are phenomenal.  In fact, they are doing a disco night at Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln center.



Finally, while out in Vegas (see other post in a day or so) I saw Yellow Brick Road with Jamie and Karen Anderson at the Green Valley Ranch Resort.  They are without a doubt the best cover band I've ever seen (I don't really consider the Loser's a cover band :-)   EAW used them to demo their PA at LDI last year, and now I see why...