Steely Dan/Bethel Museum

I went up last night to Bethel, NY to see Steely Dan.  Yes, yes, I know they are almost a living cliche, but they are such a amazing live band that it was well worth the trip.  The sound was pretty good (Midas console and d&b line array), the lighting was excellent, and the band was phenomenal. We had fantastic seats but ended up moving because we apparently sat in the section for undiagnosed insane people.  One woman next to my friend was holding a flip flop in one hand and slapping it with her other hand more or less on every beat, and then screaming at one pitch while her husband/whatever would wolf whistle, well, pretty much at all times during every song.  And they looked so normal...

The shed was pretty empty and the lawn was maybe 1/2 full, so the show was far from sold out, which seems to indicate to me they were charging WAY too much for the tickets.



museum.jpgBefore the show, we went to see The Museum at Bethel Woods, on which I did a bit of audio consulting back in January for my old friend David Rome.   It was good to see it all up and running and with people in it, and they really did a great job.  It's worth a trip if you're interested in Woodstock and up in that area.