Walking With Dinosaurs


(Photo from LJGrove's flickr stream, more here)

I saw this great show, Walking With Dinosaurs back last winter when it visited NJ.  One of my former students was handling wireless communications for the show, and got me free tickets. The show is definitely aimed at kids, but the engineering behind the dinosaurs (article here at Live Design) led to some pretty spectacular scenes in the show, and the sound, by my friend Peter Hylenski was very good.   Being a live show, of course, anything can happen (which is why we're all in this crazy business, after all), and the night I saw it, the show stopped and I knew something was wrong.  I then got probably the most hilarious text message ever, which came from my student backstage: "t rex broke".

In any case, this is a pro-science show (no young-earth creationist nonsense, as the unfortunate title might imply) and if you have any kids or nieces/nephews, I think they would enjoy it.  It's coming now to Madison Square Garden (which is why I remembered to post this) and there are still many other tour stops

Promo video here: