The Image Mill Part IV-The Show

 This is Part IV of a series; Part III is here.

It's appropriate that this is part IV of this series, since the show was designed around that number.  The presentation itself is broken up into four chemins or "ways", and also factoring into the story are:

  • four centuries
  • four seasons
  • four paths to link Quebec to the world
  • four basic colors of printing (red, blue, yellow, black)
  • the four basic Greek elements ( water, earth, fire and air. 

(I didn't get all this myself, I got some help from press materials)   

The show breaks down into four overall segments (Photos not necessarily in the right segments)

1e siecle : Le chemin d'eau (1st Century--the age of water)


  • The age of discovery and exploration of Quebec.
  • Color: Blue
  • Season: Winter
  • Base Element: Water

2e siecle : Le chemin de terre (2nd century: the way of dirt)

  • The days of clearing, construction land and culture.
  • Color: Yellow
  • Season: Spring
  • Base Element: The earth

3e siecle : Le chemin de fer (3rd century: The railroad)

  • The era of industrialization and railways.
  • Color: Red
  • Season: Summer
  • Base Element: Fire

4e siecle : Le chemin d'air (4th Century, the age of air)

  • The era of balloons and aircraft, but especially of communication and radio.
  • Color: Black and white
  • Season: Fall
  • Base Element: Air

Go See This Show

Well I'm out of time, but all I can say is that this is one of the most massive, stunning and beautiful shows I've ever seen.  I didn't understand all Quebecois history, but there's little language in the show. But to see something like this, outdoors on a beautiful summer night in a French-speaking city is a magical experience.

And if you're a show person and you're going to see it, let me know, since Mario said he loves showing people around.  He should be quite proud of his team's incredible accomplishment.