Great Burgers at Frank and Dick's

We were out paddling yesterday in the Great South Bay, and were looking for a spot to land and eat our bag lunches.  I had scouted out an island, but at high tide there wasn't much beach.  But, rounding a corner, like a mirage in the middle of the bay, we saw Frank and Dick's Bait Station!

The amazing thing is that this place is on an island, reachable only by boat:

A family just bought the place this year and renovated it, and they live out there all summer, selling bait and gas to fisherman on their way out to the ocean, and food to hungry kayakers.  I ate a really good cheeseburger, and can highly recommend their food, especially when you've been paddling and you're hungry!

It was a beautiful day, a great paddle, and I even made it back in time to attend my neighbor's party!