Believe--More complex than Ka?

I'm staying in Vegas after LDI, as I'm currently scheduled to see the new Criss Angel / Cirque du Soleil show Believe (which goes into previews this coming Friday).  I say "currently scheduled" because the preview and opening dates kept getting extended and pushed back.  I had heard the main reasons for the delay back in June from my friends at Cirque, but it's finally now in print, right from Angel's mouth (via Robin Leach, read the whole interview here):

Criss Angel: The reason for the delays was not anything to do with our creative process. The Monte Carlo resort had a roof fire earlier this year. We were in the process of getting permits and ensuring we followed the guidelines set out by the fire department. We respect all of them, but they changed the guidelines and made the public protection much stricter. We had to do redo parts of the theater. We had to get more money, a huge amount of money to change what was approved prior to that-and then changed again. We respect the fire dept. but it did eat into the time and budget. So because of that we didn’t have the five weeks we actually wanted to do previews in the theater to do what we had to do with our first live audiences experiencing it. Until the new codes were in writing and the architects followed through it took a lot more time than anybody envisioned. If we would have had the initial timeline scheduled in the theater, we would not have been a day late. Artistically and creatively we were rehearsing in a warehouse but there is only so much we could do there. Once we got into the theater, it still wasn’t done. This show is the most detailed complicated show ever mounted. Even more complicated with how it works than KA.

I've been watching his Mindfreak TV show for years--it's kind of a hobby of mine to figure out how it's all done.  So it's going to be a challenge to try and figure out what he's talking about here:

Something they utilize for their space shuttle is also something that is utilized in the show. You cannot see this anywhere, nor can it ever be copied because it is so technologically advanced - the only two people that have some of this technology are this show and NASA. That is a true statement.

But his statement about Ka is actually the most interesting to me, since I've been a sort of evangelist for that show since I saw it cold a few years ago, and wrote a very long article about how it was done, and even got to watch it from backstage over the summer, which was amazing.

One way or another it will be interesting, as the show is certainly a departure for Cirque, with magic, a director who says he always hated magic shows, and a strong personality like Angel.  Angel apparently performed at Madison Scare Garden about 10 years ago, a defunct haunted house at MSG for which I did the show control system. I was too busy to see his show then, but I'll be sure and see it this time.