I went to ROFLThing NYC on Saturday.  First up was the guys behind You Suck at Photoshop.

Their presentation was, literally, (and intentionally) a joke, which was unfortunately derailed by a lack of A/V prep and disruption by some (in-person) trolls in the audience who seemed to think that cheering every time they heard the word "internet" was witty. 

Next up with "Jason Scott", who I vaguely remembered seeing at one of the HOPE conferences.  He currently (amongst other things) twitters as Sockington the cat.

His presentation went much better because he handled the trolls at the outset, first by insulting them and then later literally giving one of the morons the stage for two sentences, where the troll promptly choked.  Mr. Scott's presentation was interesting and funny, giving the whole history of Sockington.

I really wanted to stick around to hear Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, but I was sick of the overcrowding, was getting grumpy from being cold and not having eaten in about 12 hours, and knew that if I left to grab food I would never get a seat again. So I decided it wasn't worth sticking around and I bailed, and there is more of a write up on Laughing Squid

I think this sold out much more quickly than the organizers (who otherwise did a good job) thought, so I hope if they do it again they will find a larger (and warmer) venue.