Theatre for One on Thursday

Today at City Tech we tech'ed my friend Christine Jones' really interesting project, Theatre for One.

It's one audience member and one performer in a box, or, as the promotional materials say:

Inspired by peepshow booths and confessionals, Theatre for One is a booth-like space designed for one performer and one audience member with no barrier between them. The space creates an interdependent relationship, which makes each event a singularly intimate experience particular to the two people who share it. There will be three different performers participating. Audience members also can sit in the theatre and watch the performances live on video screens.

The show runs this Thursday, December 3.  The slots for audience members are filled, but there's a lecture at 6pm and a demo, and you should stop by!  The theatre is at 186 Jay Street, Google map here.  Look me up if you stop by.