D*ck In a Box?

Syracuse, NY magician Wade Whitcomb has been making the rounds of the magic blogs today, because he claims he shipped himself in a crate via UPS to Las Vegas:

The FBI apparently started investigating, and then tonight he admitted it was a hoax to promote a new website.

However, it appears as if they did actually send a crate full of video cameras through the UPS system, which is pretty cool. Back at the Last HOPE conference this past summer, I went to see  a pretty cool presentation by Algormor, who came up with the camera idea several years ago, and put a video camera into his checked bags on several flights. You can see Algormor's videos on his site, but to see the UPS crate cam, you have to join and log into the tedious Ventma web site and sit through way too much of Mr. Whitcomb fake-mugging for the camera, etc.  But you can apparently see some of the internal operations of UPS, and an airline hold, etc.  It would have been cool if they put a GPS in the crate too...