Amazing Jonathan's Amazing Underground

I mentioned I was going to write this up, but I couldn't find any pictures of the Amazing Jonathan's Amazing Underground, an indoor "Drive In" theatre. Looks like the Las Vegas Sun did the job for me:

Johnathan built the indoor-outdoor theater in a leased warehouse at East Sunset Road and South Eastern Avenue for his automobile collection. It was ready for use in November after 18 months of construction.

“I thought it would be a great way to display the cars,” he says.

The project took on a life of its own.

At first he had artists paint murals on the walls inside the warehouse. Using old photographs, they re-created the drive-in filled with cars.

He parked six of his own classic cars in the room. The rest are at his home in Green Valley.

It turned out so well he decided to add a projector and screen to make it functional, he says. “So I could have movie nights with my crew and friends.”

Then he added a few technical gadgets that allowed him to re-create the sun setting, the moon rising, a starlit night and even thunder and lightning.

More details in the article...