Richard Cheese is Amazing: Round II

I saw Richard Cheese again last night at Webster Hall! He was awesome as usual, and didn't disappoint my friends who didn't know about him but came on my recommendation.

From 2009-04-18-RichardCheese

Julia Nunes, Ukulele youtube girl, was one of the openers, and she did a number with Mr. Cheese (along with the other opening act--sorry I couldn't catch her name).

The show featured a lot of audience participation.

The sound was great; it's so nice to be able to enjoy a show without earplugs and be able to hear everything!

I've been working on reorganizing some of this web site's archival pages, my spring break is ending Monday, and I'm going to be busy all week with sound design and allignment for the Tribeca Film Festival Drive In, so I won't likely be posting much this week, but I'll be back soon!