I Am a Danger to Chinese Communism!

Evidently, my writings here are a DANGER TO CHINESE COMMUNISM!!!!!  Little did I dream that my posts about LED sheep, sound waves, tornadoes, entertainment technology (and anything else I find interesting) could collapse the entire power base of the People's Republic of China.  But, apparently, this website is such a major threat to the Chinese government that it's blocked in China!

How do I know?  Tim Sweiter, who when not working for Birket Engineering specializes in finding mistakes in my book, recently returned from one of his trips to China. While there, he tried repeatedly on multiple days to access this site, but it's apparently blocked.  As soon as he got to Hong Kong he could get in with no problem.  I verified it using the tests here too.

I guess this is a badge of honor in some way, because something here I wrote pissed off some communist bureaucrat functionary.  But it's such a tragedy that the Chinese people have anything blocked.