Sad Giant in Nantes

I was in Nantes, France a couple years ago, and I wish I was there again recently to see this:

From Divine Caroline:

The remarkable French marionette street theatre Royal de Lux [sic] unveiled their latest creations this past weekend. As the highlight of the Estuary 2009 Arts Festival in Nantes, the theater company drew a gigantic crowd to view a gigantic fairytale. Nantes also happens to be the home of Jules Verne.A simple story depicted a sad, giant, deep-sea diver searching for his lost niece who was stolen by Icelandic giants. The tale was told over multiple days and locations throughout the city finally culminating in the reunion of the diver and his niece.

See the link above for more very cool photos.

Royal de Luxe seems to have no official website (wikipedia entry here), but they do very cool work:

By the way, Nantes isn't too far from Puy du Fou, which features La Cinescenie, one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen: