Holiday Trip Report Part V: Cashel to Clifden

This is a continuation of my trip report; Part IV is here.

After four days of riding over many, many hills through quite a bit of rain, on Day 5 I was feeling a bit tired. But we still had a very nice ride up the coast, through some typically beautiful scenery.


We also saw a sheep standing on a rock:

We arrived in Clifden, where we stayed in a very funky hotel, the Quay House, which I liked a lot. The Circus Gerbola was in town, and so I decided to go.

(I don't feel bad for these horses, see where they were hanging out when not on stage here.)

They were performing right in a pretty rough field with no stage, and it was pretty amazing to see the acrobats and dancers perform gracefully and effortlessly across only a tarp thrown on the rough ground. I was surprised at how good this small, home-spun circus was. 

I rode only about 23 miles this day; more photos here.

Now onto Part VI.