Ringling Brothers Boom A Ring at Coney Island

We went to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Boom A Ring circus last night at Coney Island, and it was a great show!  Lots of good acts, and a great value.

The show had a lightning-quick pace, and the lighting and sound (given the difficult lighting positions and acoustics of a tent) was done well.  The only thing they screwed up, surprisingly, was the concessions, which is rather shocking given that it's a Feld Entertainment show.  Concessions are big money makers, but at intermission it was chaos, with no clear lines, surly workers, insufficient food, etc.

This is the fourth circus I've seen this year (see other backstage reports here and here and here), and in the same vein on Monday I saw my friend Todd Robbins do his side show acts (eating glass, etc) at Monday Night Magic.

Afterwards we walked the boardwalk:

We also had drinks at Cha Cha's and ended up at the Freak Bar.