Show Control Day at LDI 2009

Jim Janninck and I are leading this session at LDI this year, should be fun!

Show Control Day
Saturday, November 21
Get an introduction to the principles of design for show control systems, which link lighting, audio, video, robotics, and special effects for today’s production scenarios and permanent attractions. Attendees will be led through realistic show control design challenges, and a panel of experts will critique their resulting designs. Plus: Expert show control engineers and programmers present a series of case studies of real projects.  Open to all LDI Full Conference badge holders as well as 4 pack and 8 pack tickets.

Co-moderated by: John Huntington, professor, NYC College of Technology/ author of Control Systems For Live Entertainment, blogger at; Jim Janninck, system designer and consultant, principal, TimberSpring, Inc.
(Note: Reading Professor Huntington’s book before the session is strongly recommended)

Morning Sessions:
SC01 What is Show Control (Part I)
An introduction to the nature and design of modern show control systems, which link lighting, audio, video, robotics, and special effects in today's sophisticated productions and permanent attractions. A system design process will be introduced, and design challenges will be given that will be evaluated in Part II

SC02 What is Show Control (Part II)
A continuation of Part I, in which groups of attendees will go through a realistic Show Control design project, with assistance and critiques from our panel of experts.

Afternoon Show Control Case Studies:
John Huntington and Jim Janninck lead a series of case studies, focusing on projects that utilize the most cutting-edge show control techniques.

SC03 - Case Studies 1 and 2
Case Study 1:  US Space and Rocket Center
Show Control is not reserved for just high-dollar, complex shows. Jason Pontius and Scott Arnold of ShowSys illustrate how a simple Show Control system can bring excitement and usability to an exhibit for the US Space and Rocket Center.

Case Study 2:  The Smart Monkeys Comcast Experience
The Comcast Experience LED Wall is a record-breaking installation that fuses video art, technology, and architecture. Alan Anderson and Stephane Villet from Smart Monkeys Inc. look into the technical challenges overcome to implement the Show Control system to create not just another lobby decoration and not just a corporate billboard

SC04 - Case Studies 3 and 4
Case Study 3:  City of Dreams Bubble Theatre Show Control and Automation System
At this installation, the FTSI Navigator system controls six winches, four multi-axis eyelid mechanisms, pneumatic projector eyelids as well as subsystem control of Projection (serial), Audio (serial), water effects (modbus TCP), liquid air effects (modbus tcp), Lighting (MSC), Lasers (MSC), BMS (contact closures), HVAXC (contact closure). The system has different sources of timecode which are switched depending on the type of show. There is also a layer of safety systems including an e-stop network and operator control stations. Presented by Jason Goldenberg, system engineer, R&D Fisher Technical Services Inc.

Case Study 4:  Dave Christoffers Automated High-definition Video Production
Join Dave Christoffers to explore the show control design of an automated, high-definition video production at a major Orlando-area theme park. This system integrates not only traditional show control elements, but also incorporates audience voting and a workflow to manage the flow of guests through the attraction.

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