Hi Tech Systems Comptometer

Here's an amazing development from broadcast control developer Hi Tech Systems , which was displayed at NAB this year:

Information from the manual:

The Comptometer is a control panel for Teleservers, and has two unique features - the gas powered data generator and interface, and the Quark based Fractal Interpolator. The latter allows the operator to interact with broadcast programme material in real time, irrespective of when the broadcast was made. A useful differential time display is provided along with a real time clock to ensure that the operator is aware of his place in the quasi time continuum.

Communication between the Comptometer and the Teleserver is through the finest quality cotton bound digital cables, which are connected to the Ether ports on the rear panel. Mr. Favell has thoughtfully provided a range of interface modules to suit different Teleservers, which are conveniently stored on the back panel, and easily interchanged. The only other external connection is to the electricity supply, and a useful back up supply is provided internally, which is started by turning the key to wind up and charge the mechanism.

The Comptometer operates in the same manner as conventional Telerecorder controllers, and takes advantage of the enhanced features of the new Teleservers. These allow easy access to libraries of broadcast material, the titles of which are stored in the Comptometer for easy access and editing prior to broadcast. Sufficient library capacity in the Comptometer is provided for approximately a decade of programmes based on the current schedule of King’s speeches and two daily news bulletins. Various keys are provided to access, modify, store and play library material, including slow and fast review of programmes using the “jog” and “shuttle” control wheel.

Using the conventional Teleserver controls as described above is easy and reliable, and no educated operator will fail to grasp the concepts employed. The Comptometer’s unique features, however, allow a new dimension in broadcasting - the ability to link in time to material as it is transmitted - NO MATTER WHEN! Imagine, Gentlemen, providing a programme piece from the Crimean War or even the forthcoming Great War, not from a recording, but as the material is played to the audience at the time! The combination of the Quark based Fractal Interpolator and the Gas Interchange system makes this possible.

The Gas Regulator works by streaming gas through the built-in gas engine to cause the Teleserver interface module to rotate, thus generating the Ether signals to control the Teleserver. As more gas pressure is applied, the data rate increases causing the Teleserver to increase in speed. Once a satisfactory rate of programme rendition is achieved the operator has to ensure that the gas pressure is adjusted to avoid the surely fatal consequences of excessive pressure.

Note. some programmes are already gas-rich, such as statements by representatives of His Majesty’s Government, and the operator has to be aware of the possibility of over pressure when, for example, new policies are announced. Further to the smooth and efficient control interface provided by the gas interchange system, a further benefit of using gas is that the same supply is channeled to the gas plasma display, thus saving fuel. Additionally, the colour of the display can be adjusted by changing the gas in the system - Butane, for example, provides a yellow display and Propane green. Mr. Favell is confident that the Carbon Footprint of the Comptometer will stand alone when this becomes an issue of importance in the time of his grandchildren.

The Comptometer is proudly made by the most proficient craftsmen and constructed from the finest cherry wood with inlaid ebony and oak detail. Finely machined brass is employed throughout, including escutcheons and operator’s keys, and to ensure full operator satisfaction, velvet wrist supports are fitted to the front fascia. Additionally, the Comptometer is provided with a hand crafted green baize desktop support as a finishing touch. Mr Favell commends the Comptometer to the Discerning Gentlemen of the modern broadcasting era, fully confident that the innovations provided in his invention will stimulate many exciting televisual experiences.

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