Loser's Lounge Xanadu

As I've written and photographed many times before, I'm a big fan of the Loser's Lounge.  For me, it's like going to church: a group of like-minded friends reverently gathering together to partake in a ritual based in history. Unlike other churches, though, at the Loser's Lounge there is a very healthy dose of irreverence, the ticket price is way, way less than tithing, and, most importantly, no one on the stage is telling you how to live your life. 

Last night's show was great as always, even though it was a tribute to ELO and Olivia Newton-John, two artists of which I was never a big fan.  But the Loser's shows are always a joyous occasion, so I'll keep going whatever they play (although please, Reverend Joe, let's get back to some edgier music!). 

Below are some highlight photos, many more here: