Wireless DMX Controlled Staircase Lighting at City Tech

For our current production of Ex*Pgirl at City Tech (which opens tonight), we needed a rolling staircase with chasing lights.  The unit has to be spun downstage and quickly placed and we felt that a multicable solution would have been bulky and unweildy. The solution?  City Theatrical's excellent SHoW DMX system.  (Oh, and a CNC router to cut the piece--I'll leave that to our TD, John McCullough, to explain).

There are 33 lights in the unit, 11 on each step.  Lighting Designer Lucrecia Briceno came up with a circuiting pattern, and I laid out the system and got the parts ordered up.  A group of dedicated students did the wiring:

Here's some video of the finished product:

And, if you're in NYC, stop by today at 1pm, 186 Jay Street Brooklyn, Voorhees Theatre, for a demo!