Mixtape at Spike Hill

I went to see Mixtape last night at Spike Hill.  Mixtape has a distinctive, original sound and I've written about them before here.  They are all fantastic musicians who can actually play in control, meaning the sound can actually be good, even in a small venue, and last night was no exception.  I was talking to my friend at the bar while another band played, and we could barely talk.  Mixtape came on, and not only could I talk but I could stand comfortably near the stage with no earplugs.  It got loud at points, but this band, unlike most other rock bands, actually uses the dynamic possibilities of live sound as a creative tool.  And, shockingly, when the band does this, you can actually hear all the instruments/voices!  What a concept.  (More on my concert goers bill of rights here.)

Mixtape will be doing a show at City Tech on April 17, more details to come (I'll likely be mixing).  It was incredibly dim at Spike Hill, there but I did get a few photos, more here.