World Voice Day Microphone Workshop at CityTech

As I wrote previously, we hosted the World Voice Day "Microphone Workshop" at City Tech on Thursday, and it went great...  We hope to eventually get video on line, but in the meantime, here's some photos (click any photo for a larger version, more photos here):

My talk was called, "There is no perfect sound" (photo by Yoshihito Takahashi):

Up next was Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, who did a great talk on how the voice is produced:

Next was my colleague Dr. David B. Smith, who demonstrated a number of sound issues:

After David was Montclair state Adjunct Professor of Voice, Music theater specialist Michael Rider, who brought several singers to demonstrate various techniques.

This segment included some dramatic demonstrations of mic positions and also comb filtering:

And we closed with a panel discussion featuring (left to right) PJ Volpe, head of sound at the Met Opera, Broadway sound designer Andrew Keister, Abe Jacob, the "Godfather" of theatre sound, Michael Rider, Gary Mauer, Broadway and National tour Performer, and Jan Horvath, Adjunct Faculty, CAP 21.

The whole session was expertly moderated by Dr. Pamelia Phillips:

The session went great, and we're talking now about what to do for next year!