Backstage at Cirque's Ovo

I took a group of our City Tech students backstage at Cirque du Soleil's Ovo production out on Randall's Island on Thursday.  Technical Operations Director David Millman graciously hosted our group:

The excellent crew spent a long time with us answering questions, and showing us around.  I have met a huge number of Cirque people, and every single one I have met seems to be amazing, and happy in their position.

We got to watch the rehearsal of one of the backup numbers:

Cirque shows change so much due to injuries, vacations, and other issues that every night the run down is posted on a white board:

The crew has their own white board:

And apparently the clowns have special instructions in the bathroom:

It was a great tour, and thanks once again to Director of Show Support, Resident Shows Division Kim Scott, who has helped us arrange tours for our students not only at this show, but also the last three years at Wintuk, and last year Kooza.