Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club at Governor's Island, Faith No More at the Williamsburg Waterfront

I've been to a couple concerts in the last week.  The Passion Pit show on June 30 was in a great location--Governor's Island--a site I first visited in about 1986 while doing special effects for the Richard Pryor vehicle Critical Condition.  The venue was great, although the sound was pretty horrible.  The mix improved for Passion Pit (although I suspect there was quite a bit of playback), but there were still huge bass build ups and really uneven HF coverage throughout the site and lots of other issues, despite obviously solid gear (all digital consoles, Vertec PA, etc).   The lighting was excellent, though.  Here's some photos:

And last night I saw Faith No More at the Williamsburg Waterfront.  The sound for this show, despite being a bit too loud, was some of the best I've heard at a hard rock show.  Other than the loudness, it actually even met all my criteria for good sound (a VERY rare occurence on this kind of show).  I only had my little camera but I got a couple photos: