KaBLING Cables For Girlie Geeks!

I'm working through my backlog today, and found this from Elizabeth Krumbach's PLeia2's Blog (which I saw linked from on Boing Boing): girlie, glittery Cat 5 cables for girlie, glittery geeks!

Yes, It's KaBLING (pun obviously intended), a line of "designer" network and A/V patch cables that are pink and bedazzled.  Cables Unlimited has a whole range, from USB to power cables, and even pink speakers!  Maybe they will soon be selling them in vending machines, like this:

(From a vending machine I saw in the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi, Mississippi back in January)

Now the real question, do they make pink Star Quad cables?  And, do pink sound cables "increase soundstaging" and "lift haze"?