Tornado-Warned Storm Over Brooklyn Time Lapse


We were wrapping up today's work on the Gravesend Inn when the storm hit.  I got a tornado warning text for King's county (Brooklyn) and ran out to see what was up.  All I had with my was my phone camera with which I got this.  Our building is being renovated and we have no windows at all right now, so this is the best I could get.  When the rain arrived I ran back to our shop door and caught this.  We did see some 3/4" hail (which I reported on spotter network) but my phone camera was all wet and I couldn't get the touch screen set right to take a photo.

Before I left home, I had set up my Nikon D90 my AEO Lightning Strike II in case there was any good lightning. The unit freaked out and shot over 1000 frames, and while I didn't get a single decent lightning bolt, I did get this lumpy time lapse:

My rooftop weather station recorded a 39MPH wind gust at 5:34pm.