"Bring To Light" Festival in NYC (Photos)

My friend John R and I went last night to the excellent Bring To Light festival here in Brooklyn.  The festival, one of several Nuit Blanche events that take place internationally, invites, "emerging and established artists to make site-specific installations of light, sound, performance and projection art". There were a lot of really cool installations, and I found the most compelling to be those that really engaged with the space, rather than those that just projected a boring video on the wall. We didn't find the festival guide until about 1/2 way through, and the festival website is really slow and hard to navigate, so I'm unfortunately not able to identify all of these artists, but here's a few photos of the ones I really liked.

Light Cloud on a Blender by Raphaele Shirley:

Asalto by Daniel Canogar:

Psaltery by Eli Keszler:


Those are long piano strings on the wall, with guitar pickups amplifying the sound.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find this cool piece on the festival website map, so I don't know who it is:

 Peep by Ugly Art Room:

Those are viewmasters people are looking through.

Whoever this was (if anyone knows please post a comment!  I searched the website and program and can't find him!) was really great.  There's a secret inside the box:


You can see here:

The kids asked him what he was doing in there, and he said, "I don't know, I'm looking into this box and there's all these kids there".  He then asked, "How big is the box you are in?" One of the kids, profoundly, said, "As big as the world!"

These pieces by Dustin Yellin were amazing:

A 2-D photo does not do them justice--they are made with layers of clear material, but give an amazing 3-D effect.

People loved this simple but beautiful piece by Chakia Booker:

 Marcos Zotes-Lopez's CCTV/Creative Control was creepy and omniscient, and very cool:

Jason Peters' Structural Light:

Devan Harlan and Olek Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle changed mapped patterns:

Fannie Allie's The Glowing Homeless:

Amanda Long's interactive Swings:

A lot of people turned out, despite the rain.

The rain picked up, and so we missed the actual performance of Diaphaspectrum, which one of my students worked on:

Overall it was a great festival, and I definitely plan to go again next year!  More photos here.