The Gallagher Implosion Continues

Gallagher stormed out of an interview with Marc Maron on Maron's excellent WTF podcast. If you're fascinated by all of show business (as I am), it's definitely worth a listen.  As a kid, I always thought Gallagher was funny, and that impression lasted until I saw a disastrous show Gallagher did in NYC in 2008, right after I started this blog. I have a full write up of that show along with a video link here; it was really an incredible experience, watching a bitter old man pathetically ranting and berating his audience.

Maron has been interviewing a whole series of amazing comics on his podcast (check out the Robin Williams episode for an especially effective interview), and he may have been pushing Gallagher a bit, but you would think that someone as intelligent as Gallagher, who has been in the business so long, would be able to push back in an articulate way rather than storming out.  The whole affair is especially sad, since Gallagher is smart and could have a lot to say, if he could figure out how to say it without being so bitter.