Tribeca Film Festival Drive In 2011

After kicking off the entire Tribeca Film Festival with an outdoor screening featuring a peformance by Elton John (pictures here), we did three nights of the car-free "Drive In", which wrapped up last night.  It was cold most nights, but we didn't get any signifcant rain during any of the shows.  Below are a few pictures, more here.  We opened with Fame:

The second night we had the excellent Haitian band Septentrional onstage, after the screening of their documentary When the Drum is Beating

And we closed last night (in a bit of light fog) with Muppets Take Manhattan.

This is the seventh time in the second location I've designed the sound system for this show; it's always great working for Good Sense and Co, and with our excellent Local 1 IATSE crew.