Meetup/Geekout at Infocomm 2011 Orlando!

With help from Jim Janninck of Timberspring in Orlando, I've set up the first ever Meetup/Geekout for control geeks and anyone else in Orlando for Infocomm who is interested in entertainment technology, drinking, and GO-KARTS!.  

We will be meeting at a bar/restaurant at 6pm on Wednesday, June 15, and then heading out for GO-KARTS! at 8pm.  More drinking may take place later as well, but we'll play that by ear.

Please RSVP here so I can get a rough head count, and also have the ability to email you if anything changes at the last minute (as often happens at these trade shows). 

Back in 2003, Jim and I were banned from this GO-KART! track.  But the statute of limitations should have expired and this time we will follow all these safety rules: