Storm Cloud Time Lapse Experiment

I shoot a lot of time lapses.  Usually, each frame is a jpeg and then I use Quicktime Pro to assemble them.  Recently, I went to a talk at B&H by the great photographer Stephen Mallon, who directed this fantastic time lapse of the Willis Avenue bridge floating down the river. Mr. Mallon said that he assembled his time lapses using Photoshop from RAW files, which accounted for the really fine image quality he got. I got a new computer yesterday, and found this post by Sean McCormack about assembling time lapses directly from Lightroom, so I figured I'd try it.  I shot with my D90 in RAW mode, but since I hadn't shot a time lapse with this camera in a while I forgot how sensitive the exposure is, and used regular aperature priority, so there's some flashing in the early frames. I could have fixed that in Lightroom but didn't have time. I got about 1400 frames onto my 16GB memory card. The motion is a bit stuttery, but that seems to be an artifact of the Vimeo encoding, since it looks fine on my computer.  This one definitely turned out sharper than others I've shot in the past (watch in full screen HD for best quality):

Here's a longer time lapse of the same storm assembled from about 5300 jpeg's (also 16GB) from my little GoPro camera, assembled in Quicktime: