The Story Behind the Photo #12: Supermoon Over Nebraska

On May 5, 2012, it was looking like I might finally see my first tornado. I was sitting dead in the middle of a tornado watch area in Nebraska, with the watch stating, "TORNADOES...HAIL TO 3 INCHES IN DIAMETER...THUNDERSTORM WIND GUSTS TO 70 MPH...AND DANGEROUS LIGHTNING ARE POSSIBLE IN THESE AREAS."  I, and about 100 other chasers, sat all day under a clear sky, watching various storms try to break through the "cap".  but none did.  Eventually, the supermoon came out, and I shot a picture of that and headed west to see if I could at least get some lightning shots (I didn't). Storm chasing is often about waiting and waiting and waiting and seeing nothing, but when you get on a storm you forget about all those down times. More photos and writeup here.

Note: This is the next in a series I'm doing on my photos with a crowdsourced ranking.  You can see all 20 of the photos here.