More Chasing in Nebraska and Iowa

Thursday was a bust--didn't see a single storm.  But I hung out near Beatrice, Nebraska for a while, hoping storms would fire:

Eventually I drove around some back roads looking for photos, and found this one:

I stayed in Omaha and then the next morning took my time driving up through Iowa, and stumbled across some crazy flood damage from last year, near Missouri Valley at the Boyer Chute wildlife refuge:

That's just silt out to the horizon. The water got pretty high:

I got to Sioux City, and then a severe storm fired to the northeast but I was stuck in a Friday afternoon slowpoke traffic jam.  I did eventually get on the storm:

I spotted this lowering:

The same storm system produced a couple tornados out to the east but it was moving too fast for me to get in front of them.  I saw another cell firing down in eastern Nebraska, so headed down to check that out.  It created several severe storms and then collapsed.  But I did see a beaver (my first one ever!) in the Missouri river, near Little Sioux:

I caught a nice sunset:

And behind my hotel, there was a nice lightning show from a severe storm in the distance: