Kansas Severe Thunderstorm

Yesterday I chased the first thing to pop in a severe thunderstorm watch area and was able to chase a storm near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas from an intense updraft to the south of an existing non-severe thunderstorm (video at some point when I get caught up):

Into a severe-warned monster:

The storm morphed into a massive rain system that raged all night, losing strength following me all the way to northeastern Oklahoma.  It's still moving east as I write this now...  More pictures here.

This storm system made up for Saturday's bust, where I (and about 100 other chasers) sat under a tornado watch most of the day; the storms didn't fire until probably 3am shortly after I got to bed, and long after the tornado watch was cancelled.  I did shoot a few photos around Osmond, Nebraska, and got the supermoon too:

More photos here.