Seven Year Blog Birthday Data Update

It's hard to believe this blog is seven years old today!  I started sort of by accident in 2008, and the blog has changed over the years. These days I use the blog mostly for my original purpose--promoting my self published book Show Networks and Control Systems, and writing about entertainment technology (and sometimes severe weather). I post less frequently than I did years ago, but I started before Facebook took hold, and I also post now on my Instagram feed and on my photo portfolio site.

Writing this blog is a bit strange, since I get almost no feedback from anyone (please, this is not an invitation to troll!).  But I know you're out there--I'm always amazed by the visitor count; according to Google Analytics I  got over 25,000 visitors in the past year!

Over 6000 of those visitors were interested in LED sheep (a post I wrote in about 15 minutes in 2009); more than 4500 others were interested in my blog post prognosticating about AVB and Dante.  The most popular page was the main website itself (why aren't you all using Feedly?); the next ten most popular of the last year, listed by pageviews are:

6305: LED Sheep

4556: AVB, Audinate Dante and Peeting Into My Crystal Ball

1944: Book videos

1906: AVB Update after Infocomm

1704: Book Info

1532: Visiting the AVB Testing Lab

1236: Does Star Quad cable sound better?

1084: Controlling an ETC Ion Console from Dataton Watchout

987: Classic live Mic Survey Results

735 Controlling QLab using pseudo OSC from Medialon Manager

It's been an interesting year, and I have no plans to quit any time soon, so please subscribe to my RSS feed (link below) to see new posts!