Infocomm Orlando 2015 Geekout Call For Case Studies!

Photo from the 2014 geekout in Las Vegas

Photo from the 2014 geekout in Las Vegas

Infocomm is just two months away, and Jim Janninck and I are once again organizing the free and open-to-all Show Control Case Study geekout session at 6pm Thursday June 18th, 2015, followed afterwards at another location by drinking, food and/or miniature golf.   Here's a wrap up of last year's event in Las Vegas.

The presentation will be free and open to all at the Orlando Public Library Melrose Center

More details to come, but for now we need your case study submissions!

We are looking for maximum 20 minute presentations on a real show control project, meaning two or more entertainment disciplines connected together (lighting and sound, sound and video, pyro and a performer, etc).

Please email me one paragraph (there's a contact form above in the "About" menu) by 10am NYC Time Monday May 11 2015 containing the following:

  • The name of the project
  • Presenter(s) name
  • A brief description of the project.

Jim and I will evaluate the projects, and in the case that we have more good presentations than we can fit, the earliest valid submission will get priority, so get those proposals in soon!