Huntington Harbor Lighthouse Festival 2016 Sound Systems Design

Through current and former students Andrew Schild and Harley Davidson, I ended up getting involved with a fascinating and fun music festival on a lighthouse in Huntington Harbor. The coverage area was so large that I actually exceeded the area coverage of Meyer's MAPP program.  

I used Google Earth and Sketchup to get the site into a form that could be read into Meyer's MAPP Online analysis program:

With a limited budget, no place to rig a line array, and everything having to be carried to the island by hand in small boats, I advised that all the available Meyer UPQ's be stacked into one mega-array with some fill on the other sides of the lighthouse:

It was a lot of fun and the organizers seemed very pleased with the results.  Taking a boat back to the dock, I thought it was pretty cool that I could understand the vocals from the show almost a full mile away!