Sound for 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Drive In and YouTube Brandcast

For the 12th year I designed and aligned the sound system for the Tribeca Film Festival "Drive In", and it was a great series of shows this year, with great weather and good films.  I didn't shoot a lot of photos but here's a couple:


And here's my friend Amber Martin DJ'ing on the last night of the drive in:

More technical photos here.

While also tech'ing a show at school, I next headed over to the theater at Madison Square Garden for my third YouTube Brandcast.

The show went great, and Bruno Mars was the closer.  Here's a video I shot with my little camera.

Both these events were produced by the great folks at Good Sense and Company, with sound from One Dream Sound.  It was a pleasure working with both!

Spooky Sound Story: Simon Kearns' Dark Waves

Back in 2010, I did some research on sub-audible sound called infrasound, and how those low sound waves might be responsible for supposedly "supernatural" experiences. In 2011, I got an email from Simon Kearns in Europe, who was writing a "rationalist" ghost story, and was incorporating infrasound into his story. 

I read a draft of Mr. Kearn's Dark Waves in 2013 and enjoyed it, and the book is finally now available!  

Photos I'm Selling at Coney Island November 29

As I mentioned, I'm selling photo prints at Coney Island USA's Holiday Gift fair on November 29. Here's some of my favorites that I sent out to be printed, let me know if there's any others you'd like to have available!  (Click on any thumbnail for a larger version).