Off to the National Storm Chaser Convention

I set this entry to automatically post as I'm on the plane flying out to do some skiing in the Rockies and then attend the National Storm Chaser Convention in Denver (they actually have a pay-per-view stream!). I've never been before, but I've always been interested in severe weather, and I love geek-fests of one variety or another, so I thought this event might be interesting.

While I have yet to see a tornado (it's definitely on my list though!), I have been at the ocean during a hurricane landfall: Hurricane Gloria in 1985. I was living in East Hampton, New York, and I had never before (or since) seen the ocean like this (even this past summer, when I paddled two crazy storms, photos here and here):

(Click any photo for larger image)

It took me only 15 minutes to drive down to the ocean, but a couple hours to get home:

The next day the weather was beautiful, but the beach was just about wiped clean:

And there was pretty severe damage too:

More pictures here.