September 11th, 2010

I'm once again out of town on September 11th, and set this to auto post before I left.  I have before and after pictures of the World Trade Center here, and also have pictures of the towers from the Hudson river here.

On Wednesday September 8 this year, I got to visit the Tribute in Light while the crew was setting up, and got some pictures:


(More pictures here)

It's an amazing tribute, and I hope it continues for some time to come.  Seeing these lights, days before the anniversary, makes palpable that awful day in 2001, and the somber feeling comes right back.  Being there with the lights also reminded me of back in November of 1985, when I was working for Associates & Ferren, and drove a U-Haul truck onto the World Trade Center Plaza, where we set up a single, military surplus 20,000 watt xenon light to shine on one of the towers.  The Port Authority had been investigating ways to make the buildings stand out, and this was our attempt:

(More pictures here.)

My thoughts are with everyone who lost someone on that awful day...