Inside the Tribute in Light

It's been five years since I was once again fortunate (2010 and also 1985 pictures here)  to be able to visit my friends at the moving and beautiful Tribute in Light here in New York on September 11.  Here's a few photos and a video of the lights being turned on after one of the times they turned the lights off to disperse migrating birds who end up circling in the lights:

This is a short exposure showing the birds in the beam.

This is a short exposure showing the birds in the beam.

Stage Roof Collapse at Back To the Bricks Festival in Grand Blanc, Michigan

I hate to see yet another stage roof collapse but it sounds at least that the producers of the Back to the Bricks Festival near Flint, Michigan show handled it correctly yesterday.  They got warning of an approaching severe storm, they cancelled the show, got the audience out, and then later the stage roof blew down and apparently no one was hurt.  This is the way it's supposed to work.

There are always weather conditions that can cause any structure to collapse (tornadoes can scrub well built buildings down the foundation), so as I've written here so many times what's really important is that organizers are watching conditions and ready to put in an action plan.

Screen shot from this very short video clip.