April 2016 Storm Chase

Our spring break at Citytech this year was very late, and I was very burned out. However, when the Storm Prediction Center predicted strong storms in prime great plains chase territory during my break, I bought a plane ticket and headed out.  I ended up driving over 1800 miles in the typical bizarre back and forth route which looks crazy when you're not looking at the weather radar:

I flew into Dallas Monday April 25 and then headed north to get in position for Tuesday. Tuesday was a difficult target decision since there was a broad area of severe weather forecast, but I ended up in southern Kansas on one of the only tornado-warned storms in the northern side of this large system.  When the storm lined out I outran it and headed east to Joplin, Missouri to get in position for the Wednesday weather, but that ended up moving too far too fast, so instead I went to the amazing Crystal Bridges art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, and then headed back west to Tulsa in time for a screening of Purple Rain.  Thursday I headed back west towards the area south of Amarillo, and chase that area ending up in Vernon, Texas.  Friday, I was supposed to head home but the threat of severe weather at the Dallas airport meant that I was able to delay my flight home by a day and chase Friday, and I ended up chasing all across southern Oklahoma, ending up back in Texas to fly home Saturday morning. So while I didn't see any tornadoes I did see a lot of really photogenic, severe storms and below are the results.  I'll be selling these in my Etsy shop soon.

Full geo-tagged set posted here.

controlgeek.net/Timberspring Las Vegas 2016 Show Control Case Studies and Geekout during Infocomm!

We've got yet another great line up for Jim Janninck's and my (now-annual) Geekout during Infocomm!  The free and open-to-all event will be at 6:30pm Thursday June 9th, 2016 at Gameworks 6587 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste. 171, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Here's the talks (in order of submission):

The Hunger Games Exhibition

Photo courtesy Electrosonic

Photo courtesy Electrosonic

Presenter: Liz Swaffield, Electrosonic

Project link: http://www.electrosonic.com/solutionsasia/projects/hunger-games-exhibition

This was a traveling exhibit that involved a wide variety of equipment across the AV and network spectrum, but had to be modular and flexible enough to work in multiple spaces with little help from the original team after install. This system brought together projection, audio, interactive, lighting, and scenic elements to create an immersive experience. A Medialon Showmaster LE was used as the control backbone.

Volcania - Volcans Sacrés

Photo courtesy Vulcania

Photo courtesy Vulcania

Presenter: Frank Ruisch, Nightlife Productions

Project link: http://www.vulcania.com/animation/volcans-sacres/

"Introduction: Let yourself be carried away on a lava flow into a special vehicle and discover the legends that tell of the special bond between man and volcano. On the basis of various reconstructions combined with unique special effects, animated characters , original soundtracks and colorful stories , you will discover the legends of this special relationship based on fear and attraction."

Commissioned by Jora Entertainment, Nightlife Productions successfully installed all audio, video, lighting , show control and special effects for this new attraction at Vulcania, Clermont -Ferrand (FR) The attraction features special ' trackless ' vehicles also called Multi Movers. These vehicles hold to 6 persons which will ride through several scenes in the attraction. The vehicle body can rotate independently of the chassis and the vehicle can follow complex movements. This is an Alcorn McBride show control project. 

2015 Fourth of July Show

Photo courtesy Krotech

Photo courtesy Krotech

Kurt and Kristin Kroh, Krotech

This project contained the following elements: music, LED lighting, pier water jets, floating fountains, fire projectors, RGB lasers, water screen and video projection. KrohTech was responsible for all of the show programming with the exception of Laser programming that was provided by Lasertainment. KrohTech was also responsible for the design and operation of all show control systems.

At the end of the session, around 8pm we will start drinking, um, I mean meet to further geekout. Late night mini-golf is not out of the question either.  

Special thanks to Kevin Ruud from Design Horizons and Bob Athey from ATI for the connection with Gameworks!

I'll post any updates on the day of the event on my twitter feed.  Hope to see you there!

Popsicle the cat and Sharky the Refrigerator Magnet Shark

Probably 10 years ago, I bought little shark refrigerator magnets in Orlando.  I gave one to my girlfriend at the time, and put the other on my refrigerator.  Sharky the shark magnet lived there for many years, until I I recently got a new cat, Popsicle.  One day, I came home and Sharky was on the ground. I put him back up, and the next day he was on the ground again. So I did what any geek would do: I used two different surveillance cameras (one from Y-Cam and the other from Nest) to find out what was going on.  

This video is the result: