Typealyzer Analysis of Me

On Kevin Kelly's blog I came across the Typealyzer site, which purports to analyze a blog's "person"ality based on the postings.  Of course, I had to try it, and and Typealyzer came up with, "The analysis indicates that the author of http://www.controlgeek.net/blog is of the type:

INTJ - The Scientists

The long-range thinking

Right so far, I am almost obsessed with the future...

and individualistic type.

They are especially good at looking at almost anything and figuring out a way of improving it -

Patting myself on the back, I often do this, even if people think that I'm complaining (which I'm not).

often with a highly creative and imaginative touch. They are intellectually curious and daring, but might be pshysically hesitant to try new things.

Well I guess I might be "pshysically" hesitant to try new things, but I don't think I'm physically hesitant:

(Paddling Tropical Storm Hanna)

(Mountain Biking in West Virginia)

(Paddling Around Long Island)

(Paddling the Class II+ Mongaup River)

(Paddling in Rhode Island in the Middle of A Massive Storm)

The results also go onto state:

The Scientists enjoy theoretical work that allows them to use their strong minds and bold creativity. Since they tend to be so abstract and theoretical in their communication they often have a problem communcating their visions to other people and need to learn patience and use conrete examples.

Again patting myself on the back, I think I'm a pretty good communicator, although maybe I'm a terrible "communcator".I'm a full time professor and wrote a book, which is all about practically applying theory, and is chock full of concrete examples which you can (should!) buy.

Maybe I should find some "conrete" examples for a future edition.

I also ran a couple friends' blogs through the system and Typealyzer seems about as (in)accurate as a horoscope, but it's at least based on something real and fun nonetheless.