Call For LDI Submissions

In addition to the Networking Live session I'm doing at LDI, I'm working with Jim Janninck once again to host the Show Control Case Study Session at LDI in Las Vegas . This year, it's a free, informal meeting for our colleagues, which will take place Sunday, October 26 2008 from 1-2:30pm.

Anyone is welcome to present, but you must email to me the following information by 9am NYC time Monday September 15, 2008:

  • Name of Presenter(s)
  •  Presenter(s) Affiliation (Company,etc)
  • Web site, etc
  •  Single paragraph abstract of the project


  • The case study must describe a show control application used on a "real" show.
  • Mentioning brand names, etc is fine, but no sales pitches.
  • All presentations will run for the same period of time, probably 15-25 minutes (depending on the number of submissions).
  • All case studies must be for show control-related projects (more than one discipline tied together).
  • Jim Janninck and I will review all submissions. Preference will be given by order of submission (later qualified submissions may be bumped if if we run out of time slots). We will post the sessions here.

See you in Vegas!