LDI 2009--The Floor

On Sunday, we spent time finishing covering the floor, and I saw a couple cool things that I really liked.  (Note, this is Part III of my LDI coverage, Part II here). First was Total Fabrications' amazing RSC Lightlock, which previously debuted at PLASA.  The device allows you to hang a moving light on two cables, with the device actively counter-acting the rotational movement of the light itself.  This was very cool.  The units in the photo on the left do not have the device, while the units on the right do, and both are running the same movement program:

Here's a youtube video:

Googling on my return from LDI, it turns out that the RSC above stands for Royal Shakespeare Company, whose Head of Lighting, Vince Herbert, is the device's inventor.

TMB had a cool new product for control geeks--the ProShell, a little clamp that protects a RJ45 connector.

I haven't used these yet, but I want to check them out.  Let me know if you've got any experience with them.

After years of watching LED's infiltrate the floor, this seemed to be the year where there were products really finally integrating them to the point that we can start to see how they could fill all kinds of uses we hadn't imagined.  I saw a few moving lights that had a color temperature that would make them useful for illumination of people rather than just washing backdrops or columns in a special event hall.  On the larger end, at Showman Fabricator's Green pavillion I saw Strong's incredibly bright 600W collimated LED unit:

I also saw this pretty interesting projection film in the Chinese pavillion from Superimaging:

There was no one there to speak to us, but it looked pretty cool, and sort of similar to the Musion Eyeliner stuff.

I also stopped by ESTA's interoperability pavillion:

A special FX company was shooting bubbles over low fog, looks very cool:


Finally, in the lobby, we saw this:



We tried to get it to dispense some bills, but apparently it wasn't working.