The Other John Huntington

When you Google "John Huntington", I'm usually #2 on the list.  #1 is the John Huntington from Las Vegas/other places who is a "Promoter, DJ, Producer, Consultant, and Restaurateur" (you can search him yourself, he's on myspace but I don't want to link to him and increase his Google rank over mine!).  He's been on TV so I guess that's why I'm number two.

Anyway, the other John Huntington apparently promoted a party in Dallas Friday night, and one "Nicki Nichols" was upset about something related to the party, and sent me an email through this website on Saturday. I tried returning "Nicki"'s email twice, but he/she got her own return address wrong and both messages bounced, so I'm posting this here in case he/she visits my site again. 

The REAL John Huntington (me) was here in NYC Friday night at my own party at a bar in the East Village, and then went to see a friend's band play.  I would never spend time in Dallas by choice! (Although I have to admit that I did see a great James McMurtry show there years ago while in town for a conference.)