ITP Show

I'm so busy and burned out that I wasn't actually planning to go to the ITP Show this year, but then my friend Tom Igoe posted a Facebook link that read, "Grouchy the Clown automata", and so I had to go.

The automata were the work of Eun Jung Park, who makes many of her creations by hand (and others with a laser cutter).  Unfortunately, Grouchy wasn't working, but she had a bunch of other cool stuff:

Here's a video of the wooden face from Ms. Park's website:

Other cool stuff I saw before I got overloaded by the ITP din:

ASCII controlled lights by Taylor Levy:

Money Switch by Ozge Kirimlioglu:

When you turn the switch on, the printer starts printing how much money you are spending.

And, the mud rub:

And, this has nothing to do with ITP, but I've been waiting for an excuse to post this "Don't Tase Me Bro" automata by Jon Haddock: