Holiday Trip Report Part VII: Lough Inagh back to Ennis

This is the final part of my trip report; Part VI is here, Part I starts here.

Day 8, our final day, started with a rainbow over Lough Inagh:

And the ride took us through yet another incredible landscape.

(Click for larger image).

We headed up through the mountains one last time (with a huge headwind).

These sheep learned how to stay on the left side of the road, but man, that was a struggle for me.  I'm generally pretty adaptable, but I'm amazed at how deeply rooted that instinct to be on the right side of the road is.  I came to the point where I would quiz myself to predict where I would see a driver in an oncoming vehicle, but that often was derailed by vehicles from mainland Europe.

We packed up into the van near Louisburg, and headed back in Ennis and the Old Ground again for a final dinner.  The next morning I took the bus back to the airport and cleared customs in plenty of time for my flight to have a mechanical problem.  During the three hours it took them to fly in a replacement plane from Dublin, I wrote most of this report.  Fortunately, I didn't need to take the advice given by this creepy Aer Lingus spokesperson on the plane:

After nearly a week, I'm finally sleeping back on NYC time, and still sort of processing the whole trip, and trying to get caught up (see here and here). 

But writing this, my head is still out on the road.